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TEEN/ADULT ON-CAMERA & AUDITION BOOK-AND-PAY-AS-YOU-GO (Ages 11 - Adult) Book-One Class-at-a-Time for $60... of the regular 6 weeks On-Camera Class... (if you pay per 6 weeks for all 6 classes, it is only $345 for a $15 savings) *Fill in "Date of Class."

Unit Price $60.00


This is a pay-as-you-go version of the 6 weeks On-Camera Class.

You save $15 if you pay $345 for the 6 weeks class over the $60 pay-as-you-go version!

This is a favorite class for beginners or pros. It teaches all aspects of on-camera technique, auditioning, cold reading, being natural and spontaneous and feeling free in front of a camera. The first four classes concentrate on being natural in an on-camera scene and learning how to work close-ups and other camera shots. The fifth class is a commercial or broadcast class. The last class, we focus on shooting an on-camera audition for L.A. Ms Hartt puts many people on tape for agents for L.A. auditions and is known for getting people to go from “Dallas acting” (which looks like acting) to L.A. acting (which looks like a reality show in spontaneity). If you are going up for on-camera auditions, you need to be “in the gym” with an on-camera class to keep your edge and naturalness. This has become the most popular on-going acting class. It’s great to learn new technique, get more sophisticated, scrape off bad habits or to keep your “chops up.” You can hold your spot for the next session as we continue to evolve from session to session.

per class / 2 hours / $60 

(6 weeks version / 2 hours per week / $345)


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