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KIDS ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (Age 7-10) Sun., June 12-July 24, 2-4 PM
KIDS ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (Ages 7 - 10) Sun, June 12-July 24 (off 7/3)... 2 -4 PM, 6 Weeks

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 KID ON-CAMERA (Ages 7-11) (will consider age 6 with exceptional focus skills)

Kids love working in front of the camera. Great class for camera work, cold-reading and auditions and interviews. The first four classes are focused on being natural and real in an on-camera scene and working camera skills. The fifth class is a commercial or broadcast class. The last class, Ms. Hartt puts them on tape like she does the auditions she does for L.A. auditions. The kids love creating and seeing themselves back on tape each week. This is an on-going class that you may hold your spot in as we evolve to higher levels for each individual student.

6 weeks / 2 hours / $345

  • Make Up Policy for Kids On-Camera:  You can take another regularly-scheduled class the same week your class is missed if you call and ask for availabilty. If that’s not possible, you may double up on another week.  (Many prefer doing that the 6th week, auditions.)  If you take a spot in a class, you must pay for the full 6 weeks.  it is your responsibilty to get your 6 classes.  **YOUR MAKE-UP MUST BE IN THE SAME 6-WEEKS YOU MISSED.**
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